Who created “math”? I bet each one of us has asked this question at some point  or the other. One couldn’t stop cursing the creator of this subject. Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus – (Ring any bells?) yeah! math systems that genius only knows. We  still are waiting for the day we’ll be using these methods to solve at least one problem in our lives. . No matter what, our  bonding with funny math problems has always been quite an unusual one. While we know that we have hated it all our life, we also know that without math our life would’ve been a miserable one.

If we didn’t know math, how would we calculate this?

funny math problems


Solve for X, X is the amount of money you need to give so that you can go home.

Or this?

funny math problems

From the information given above, calculate the total time by which you’ll reach the same no. of followers. 

Or this ?

funny math problems

Well, I think instead of teaching calculus and all similar stuff, which 99% of we people will never use…our teachers could have thought of a more realistic and complicated type of math that we grownups have  to deal with everyday. Don’t you think so? :P  

BONUS VIDEO: It is fun!

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